Post-Brexit Britain – Failure And Fragmentation

Virtual meeting with Alexandra Hall Hall and Richard Haviland

An Oxford for Europe Event supported by the Oxford European Association and Grassroots for Europe, held on Thursday 24th February

Once again we were very pleased to be able to introduce two distinguished guests.

At a time of profound uncertainty at the centre of politics, it is hugely powerful to hear the honest testimonies of two former public servants. Both have had the courage of their convictions and stood down from their roles because in conscience they no longer felt able to work for this government.

They cast an expert eye on current events and reflected on the state of the country and the way forward. This was one of our most memorable meetings to date.

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Alexandra Hall Hall

Alexandra Hall Hall is a former diplomat of 33 years. Alex resigned from her Washington post in December 2019 after months of struggling with an increasingly untenable situation: she could no longer tolerate the incompatibility of her duty to act with integrity as a civil servant and the role as ambassador for a government that required her to tell “half-truths” about Brexit and the manner in which the UK government had chosen to implement it.  Since that time, Alex has become a strong critic of the government and our institutions. 

Article explaining resignation:

And here is what she wrote for Byline Times:

On Twitter: @alexhallhall

Alexandra Hall Hall

Richard Haviland

Richard Haviland is a former civil servant of 25 years, working for Department for International Development, the Foreign Office and GCHQ. He resigned in 2019, because he was unable to pretend to be a loyal servant to the government. This was a decision based not on Brexit, but on what ensued from it. “Nothing in the referendum vote needed to lead us to where we are now,” he asserts in his letter of March 2019. A strong advocate for EU citizens living in this country, and a campaigner against the anti-democratic bills introduced by this government, Richard is a prominent figure in the European Movement in Scotland. After voting against Scottish Independence in 2014, he has become, since Brexit, a reluctant advocate of independence. Since leaving the civil service he has written extensively, and been published in the Times and Byline Times.

Article explaining resignation:

Article explaining anti-democratic legislation/tendencies of government

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On Twitter: @rfhaviland

Richard Haviland

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