About Us

Oxford for Europe is a grassroots pro-EU campaign group working to build links with other pro-EU organisations across Oxford, the UK and Europe.

Over the last 3 years, our network of grassroots anti-Brexit organisations has created the largest and most vibrant pro-EU movement in Europe. The fight against Brexit has been lost, but whatever happens the UK remains a European country and we need close relations with our neighbours. The fight for the values which inspire the EU – peace, cooperation, the right to live, work and retire anywhere in Europe, goes on.

We at Oxford for Europe will be enthusiastic supporters of this grassroots movement and will be reaching out to other groups in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland who share these ideals. This is about more than just damage limitation, it is about playing an active role in shaping a better future.

We plan to continue the work, building on the enthusiasm and commitment that has made it possible for millions of peaceful supporters to march on our streets since 2016.