REUL Bill Objections

Organisations’ Concerns about this Bill

The following organisations and representative bodies, among others, have expressed concerns about this Bill:

Joint statement on Retained EU Law bill | TUC As representatives of trade unions, lawyers, environmental groups and civic society, we urge ministers to withdraw the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill.
Workers’ protections at risk as EU Law bill moves through Parliament | Article, News | News | UNISON National Last week, the government’s Retained EU Law bill passed its second reading in the House of Commons. The bill, introduced by former business secretary Jacob Rees-Mogg, has set a fast-moving conveyor belt in motion, which will see essential protections for workers automatically vanish in December 2023, unless the government decides to produce new and equivalent UK laws.
CTSI urges rethink on timetable for Retained EU Law Bill CTSI, has called on the Government for a delay in the timetable for the proposed Retained EU Law Bill, because of serious concerns about the scale of change and the potential that vital protections for both consumers and business could be lost. The organisation has reaffirmed that legislative change on this scale cannot and should… Read more »
Analysis: the Retained EU Law Bill | Marine Conservation Society According to the UK Government’s own website, there are 159,759 pieces of legislation originating from the EU (excluding the 5 Treaties).. The official REUL Dashboard identifies just over 2,400 pieces of legislation as being covered by the Bill, for which a decision will be made whether they remain unchanged, are amended, repealed or replaced. 570 are under the responsibility of DEFRA.
Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill – UK HS Regulation on the edge? – SHP – Health and Safety News, Legislation, PPE, CPD and Resources – Dr Simon Joyston-Bechal at Turnstone Law hopes the Government takes the long view as UK health and safety Regulation stands on the precipice. The Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill had its second reading in the Commons on 25 October 2022 and will catch the full range of health and safety regulations, which will automatically be repealed on 31 December 2023 unless ministers make …
Retained EU Law Bill: letter to the UK Government – To: Rt Hon Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy From: Angus Robertson MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Constitution, External Affairs and Culture Dear Jacob, Congratulations on your new appointment. Despite the circumstances of this letter, I hope that we can find a way to work constructively and respectfully together where our portfolio interests overlap.
FSS warns of significant risks to consumers from the Retained EU Law Bill Food Standards Scotland (FSS) is warning of major risks and impacts to Scottish consumers in relation to food safety and standards if the Retained EU Law (Reform and Revocation) Bill is progressed in its current form. When announced in January 2022, the Bill was introduced to help facilitate the easier amendment, replacement and repeal of retained EU law.
Concerns over The Retained EU Law Bill – REHIS The Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill, published by the House of Commons, seeks to revoke over 2,400 pieces of EU legislation that were included in the UK statute book at the end of the Brexit transition period. Retained EU Law is a category of domestic law created at the end of the transition […]

RSPB Scotland and more than 40 other environmental groups

EU retained law bonfire: Alister Jack urged to help scrap ‘attack on nature’ – RSPB Scotland and more than 40 other environmental groups have pleaded with Scottish Secretary Alister Jack to do what he can to stop government plans to scrap European laws.. The charities have warned that strict regulations that protect threatened species and their habitats could be lost in what has been described as a Brexit bonfire.. The Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill will …
Retained EU Law Bill: Government’s ‘power grab’ a huge concern for rights, democracy and international relations says IPPR New Retained EU Law bill allows government to change any piece of secondary retained EU law, without the need for an Act of Parliament Sunset clause revokes all EU-derived subordinate legislation at end of 2023, putting workers’ rights at risk

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