‘Time For Liberal Values?’

This meeting took place via Zoom on Wednesday 24th March at 6 pm

Oxford for Europe virtual meeting with Layla Moran MP and Ian Dunt

Jointly hosted by Oxford for Europe and Grassroots For Europe

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Brexit is far from ‘done’. The government is taking an increasingly confrontational approach with our European allies. At the same time, the same government is threatening not only ministerial accountability and the rights of Parliament, but also the judiciary, the media and even the freedom of peaceful assembly. To achieve this it is shamelessly exploiting the bandwidth taken up by coronavirus and the Royal Family to distract from its plans. For years we have taken for granted that liberal values are safe in this country. Are we wrong to do so? What can we as citizens do to safeguard them? How should pro-Europeans and Liberals respond?

Layla Moran MP

Layla is a long-standing friend of our organisation. She was elected as Liberal Democrat MP for Oxford West and Abingdon in 2017, and greatly increased her majority at the last election. She is Liberal Democrat spokesman on foreign affairs and is chair of the all-party Parliamentary group on coronavirus. She has built up a phenomenal reputation as a forthright speaker and as an advocate of those who are in need.

Layla is of Palestinian extraction and has spoken out on Middle Eastern matters, as well as on education, our relationship with the EU and on the rights of healthcare staff. Prior to being elected as an MP she worked as a physics teacher in Oxford. So she is that rare thing in parliament, a scientist who understands evidence and acts on it.

Website: https://www.laylamoran.com/

On Twitter: @LaylaMoran

Layla Moran MP

Ian Dunt

Ian is well known as an articulate and outspoken commentator on current affairs.

He was born in Guatemala and grew up variously in Chile, Winchester, and Southampton. He studied Philosophy at University College London, then got an MA from University of Warwick in International Relations followed by a Diploma in Journalism and Media Law from London School of Journalism.

He began his career as a political analyst for Yahoo!, before becoming Political Editor of Erotic Review, a position he held until January 2010, when he became editor of politics.co.uk.

In May 2017 Ian was part of the team that launched Remainiacs, a political podcast about Britain’s departure from the European Union, as seen from a pro-Remain perspective. In January 2020 the same team launched The Bunker, a podcast similar in format that discusses political issues other than Brexit.

Author of:

  • Brexit: What the Hell Happens Now? (2016) Canbury Press
  • How To Be A Liberal (September 2020) Canbury Press

Home page: https://iandunt.com/ https://www.politics.co.uk/author/ian-dunt/

On twitter: @IanDunt

Ian Dunt

Chair: Peter Burke