Future UK-EU Relations – Is There Any Hope?

Virtual meeting with David Henig and Alex Andreou

An Oxford for Europe Event.
Supported by Oxford European Association.
Held on Thursday 9th March 2023

A discussion about latest developments in our relations with our EU neighbours, with Q&A.

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Once again, Brexit is at the forefront of public debate. Does the Windsor Protocol mean that the Tories have ‘got Brexit done’ or is it a first tentative step towards undoing it? What can we make of the recent cross-party summit allegedly designed to “make Brexit work“? What about the chaotic Retained EU Law Bill, a rolling juggernaut which the current prime minister is too weak to stop?
Against all the uncertainty, opinion polls are starting to show a significant majority not only regretting Brexit but also favouring the principle of rejoining. In only one English constituency is there still a majority who think Brexit was a good idea. Yet politicians on both sides lag behind public opinion.
Where is a possible landing point to solve the interminable problems that Brexit has caused, given that politicians on both sides have ruled out rejoining the Single Market, at least for the time being? Is there room for any hope?
We are pleased to welcome two expert speakers from different but complementary backgrounds, who have given us a lot to think about, and are happy to answer questions from the audience

David Henig

David Henig

David Henig is the UK Director at ECIPE (European Centre for International Political Economy), leading thinking on future UK trade policy. Co-founder UK Trade Forum. Author of weekly Perspectives Column for Borderlex. Advisor to Cavendish Advocacy, on UK and global trade policy developments to businesses and other organisations. Expert Advisor to UK Trade and Business Commission. Active participant in public debates on trade, including through speaking on panels, writing articles, stakeholder engagement, media appearances, roundtable events, and on social media through twitter @DavidHenigUK.

He is a former UK Government Civil Servant. Since June 2016 helping the UK build an independent trade policy. Previously three years leading UK Government work on TTIP agreement between EU and US, including extensive engagement on regulatory chapters.

Prior to working in Government he spent 13 years in the private sector as a consultant, manager, and business development specialist, with Capgemini and Serco.

Specialties: Trade, international regulation, international business policy, business development, strategy, general consulting.

Twitter: @DavidHenigUK

Alex Andreou

Alex Andreou

Alex has spoken to us before in July 2021. Details here.

Born in Greece, Alex has been living in the UK for many years and is a man of many parts. He is best known to us for his writings, being a regular contributor to the Guardian and New Statesman, among others. You may have come across him through Remaniacs and its more recent incarnation, Oh God what now! Among his many other talents he is trained in law and economics and is an actor (Sturdy Beggars Theatre Company), and he enjoys cooking and writing about it. He is the inaugural winner of the Jane Grigson Award for his book The Magic Bayleaf.

Further info:

https://www.globalplayer.com/podcasts/42KijH/ https://www.theguardian.com/profile/alex-andreou https://www.newstatesman.com/writers/318640

On twitter: @sturdyAlex

Author of: The Magic Bayleaf

Chair: Lizzy Price

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