‘Brexit: Expectations and Reality’

26 January 2021, 7 pm

Oxford for Europe virtual meeting with Ian Dunt and Tony Connelly

Jointly hosted by Oxford for Europe and Grassroots For Europe

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This meeting is an opportunity to reflect on what has happened to our country and to consider how we should respond.

On 1st January the UK left the transition period. We were informed that the UK would ‘prosper mightily’ Is this happening? Are the scales starting to fall from the eyes of those who voted Brexit? Is this the time to reconcile ourselves to the reality of Brexit? Or is it the time to hold those responsible to account?

Both of our speakers are eminent and highly respected commentators on Brexit. We look forward to a lively discussion.

Ian Dunt

Ian is well known as an articulate and outspoken commentator on current affairs.

He was born in Guatemala and grew up variously in Chile, Winchester, and Southampton. He studied Philosophy at University College London, then got an MA from University of Warwick in International Relations followed by a Diploma in Journalism and Media Law from London School of Journalism.

He began his career as a political analyst for Yahoo!, before becoming Political Editor of Erotic Review, a position he held until January 2010, when he became editor of politics.co.uk.

In May 2017 Ian was part of the team that launched Remainiacs, a political podcast about Britain’s departure from the European Union, as seen from a pro-Remain perspective. In January 2020 the same team launched The Bunker, a podcast similar in format that discusses political issues other than Brexit.

Author of:

  • Brexit: What the Hell Happens Now? (2016) Canbury Press
  • How To Be A Liberal (September 2020) Canbury Press

Home page: https://iandunt.com/

On twitter: @IanDunt

Ian Dunt

Tony Connelly

Tony Connelly is Europe Editor for RTÉ, Ireland’s public broadcaster.

Tony has reported extensively on the period before and after the Brexit referendum, and before that covered the European refugee crisis, the Greek debt situation, the Irish bail-out and the financial crisis dating back to 2008.

Tony has also reported on conflicts in Ukraine, Lebanon/Syria, Georgia, Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Angola and Rwanda.

He is the recipient of two ESB National Media awards, a European Journalism Award and a New York Festivals radio award for his radio documentary on the Shaktar Donetsk football club in Ukraine.

In December 2018 he received the Outstanding Achievement Award from the UCD Smurfit Graduate School journalism awards.

In May 2019 he received a Law Society Justice Media Award for his coverage of the Brexit negotiations.

Tony has been called on three occasions as an expert witness to the House of Commons Committee for Exiting the European Union.

As well as RTE, Tony has worked for the Irish Independent, Time Magazine and United Press International (UPI).

He has contributed OpEds on Brexit  to the Financial Times and New Statesman. .

Tony is the author of the best-selling Brexit and Ireland: the Dangers, the Opportunities and the Inside Story of the Irish Response, published by Penguin Books in the autumn of 2017.

The book was shortlisted for the Irish non-fiction book of the year award in 2018.

Don’t Mention the Wars: A Journey Through European Stereotypes, was published in 2014 by New Island.

Tony Connelly was born in Portstewart, County Derry in 1964, and was educated at St Columbs College, Derry, at Trinity College Dublin and the London School of Journalism.

He is married with three sons and lives in Brussels.

Website: https://www.rte.ie/author/822154-tony-connelly/

On Twitter: @tconnellyRTE

Tony Connelly

Chair: Anne Copley

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