A Painful Transition

Virtual meeting with Neale Richmond TD and Susanne Oberhauser

An Oxford for Europe Event supported by the Oxford European Association and Grassroots for Europe

On Wednesday 19th January 2022 we were very pleased to be able to introduce these two distinguished guests. They are both in an almost unique position to discuss the current state of UK – EU relations, with particular reference to negotiations about Ireland and the Northern Ireland protocol. We had the opportunity to hear their expert opinions and to ask questions.

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Neale Richmond

Neale Richmond is the Fine Gael TD (MP) for the constituency of Dublin Rathdown and the party’s spokesperson on European Affairs. He sits on both the European Affairs and Finance Committees in the Irish Parliament.

Neale has previously served as a Senator, County Councillor and Member of the EU’S Committee of the Regions. As a Senator, he was Chair of the Senate’s Brexit Committee.

Prior to entering electoral politics in 2009, Neale worked as an advisor in both the Irish and European Parliaments before working in West Africa and as a Projects Manager for European Movement Ireland. He is a graduate of University College Dublin, holding a BA in History and an MA in Political Science.

A regular contributor to British and international media on all things Brexit, Neale is a committed European and looks forward to the UK re-joining the EU as soon as possible.

Website: https://www.finegael.ie/our-people/tds/dublin/dublin-rathdown/neale-richmond/
Parliamentary info: https://www.oireachtas.ie/en/members/member/Neale-Richmond.S.2016-04-25/
Twitter: @nealerichmond

Neale Richmond TD

Susanne Oberhauser

Since June 2019 Head of the European Parliament Liaison Office in London. Previously she worked for the Parliament in Brussels over the best part of three decades, where she has been Director for Structural and Cohesion Policies in the Directorate General for Internal Policies Committees and Director for Communication and Visitors. During that time, she was actively involved in the conception and implementation of the Parlamentarium, the Visitors Centre of the European Parliament. Prior to that, she served in the Cabinets of EP Presidents Borrell Fontelles and Hänsch.

After the Withdrawal of the UK of the European Union, the European Parliament remains committed to support strong parliamentary relations between the UK Parliament, devolved parliaments and Assembly and the European Parliament. The EP in London is also very much committed to foster good mutual relations, provide information about the EU and the EP, and reach out to the EU27 citizens in the UK. It is a home for EU and UK citizens alike to meet and share on issues of common interests and on common values, either in person or virtually, at Europe House or in taking part in such events throughout the UK.


Susanne Oberhauser, Head of the European Parliament Liaison Office in the UK.

Chair: Dr Peter Burke
Questions: Geraldine Coggins, Jo Steele, Lizzy Price

We welcome voluntary donations, which help fund our activities. If you wish to donate, please click here:

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