A bonfire too many

‘A bonfire of EU Law’ is what Rees Mogg calls it.

The Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill – sometimes called REUL Bill – is perhaps the most nefarious and dangerous of the many ill-conceived pieces of legislation being brought forward by this government. It may impact your employment rights, air safety, food standards and environmental protection – and much else. You may not know this, because the mainstream media are not giving it much airtime, but there is a consultation period which ends on 22nd November – or possibly sooner. Please respond if you possibly can.

Why? See below

Click here for the government’s ‘dashboard’, click here to tell them what you think, or write in to scrutiny@parliament.uk

Please note also: our virtual meeting, featuring Lord John Alderdice and Vicky Pryce, is tomorrow, 16 November.

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