March to Rejoin – be there!

Oxford For Europe will be laying on a coach to London for the National Rejoin March on Sat 22nd October 2022. It leaves St Giles at 9:15 am and stops at Headington and Sandhills. If you haven’t yet booked for a place please do so here:

If you are unable to get a pace on the coach, the Oxford Tube will also take you to Marble Arch.

If you are wondering whether it’s worth going to the march in the midst of all the other big issues around, consider this:

Most people in the UK now know Brexit was a mistake which has failed, but opposition politicians and our media are still timid and mute. 
Brexit is why we have the worst inflation in the G7.
Brexit is a factor in why we face the worst energy price shock in Europe.
Brexit is a factor in why we have the worst industrial water pollution in Europe.
Britain’s GDP per head has grown just 3.8 per cent since the referendum, while the EU’s has grown by 8.5 per cent.
It’s time for the British public to tell our new Prime Minister that the solution to this problem is: 
Rejoin the EU! 

Look out for details of speakers. Speakers booked for the original march, scheduled for 10th September, included Femi Okuwole, Mike Galsworthy, Terry Reintke MEP, Molly Scott Cato, Baroness Sarah Ludford, Steve Bray, Mike Cashman, Sue Wilson, and Madeleina Kay.

This march is for all of us. It’s a chance for us all to make a difference.
The National Rejoin March will be vibrant, family friendly and positive. 
Join us!

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