March to Rejoin – final reminder!

Places on the Oxford For Europe coach to London for the National Rejoin March are almost all sold. If you want to try for the last ones please do so now.

Here are some of the reasons our members gave for wanting to go on the march:

We’re going simply to show that we pro-Europeans are still very much here and will fight all the way to Rejoin. From the mess the UK is in it is very clear that Brexit is a huge mistake – making everything worse.

I am going to show that I am European and believe in the times we live in it is more important than ever!

Liz Truss in her first days in power needs to understand we are still here and working for rejoin. Not to be ignored any longer

I’m going on the march to show that not all British people are insular xenophobes.

I am going because I have family in about 8 EU countries, because I worked on contracts on rocket science with the European Space Agency, because I worked with Euratom on Nuclear Fusion, and then on the JET Joint (European) Undertaking at Culham in Oxfordshire, and because I have friends and former colleagues across the EU, because I supervised students from Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Greece; I never agreed to lose my EU citizenship. And finally because UK has lost out on trade, on relationships with EU countries and illegally trying to change a dreadful treaty which should never have been made, and risks the Irish Border problem.
Was that obvious in 2016? Yes it was.

I am going because the time has come for people like us, the silent majority, to speak out about the harms of Brexit. This last summer has made them more obvious than ever before: the profound damage to trade and industry, loss of freedom of movement for British people, a worsening skills shortage, the poisoning of relations with all our nearest neighbours, and loss of standing in the world. The UK has become a laughing stock. A large majority now regret Brexit. It is not good enough to lie down and acquiesce on the grounds that it was the will of the people. There never was informed consent for any form of Brexit, and no consent at all for the hard Brexit we have been given. The government is now demanding a supermajority in any future Scottish referendum, and by implication admitting that the result of the 2016 referendum was unsafe. The country has a right to think again.

If you are wondering whether it’s worth going to the march in the midst of all the other big issues around, consider this:

Most people in the UK now know Brexit was a mistake which has failed, but opposition politicians and our media are still timid and mute. 
Brexit is why we have the worst inflation in the G7.
Brexit is a factor in why we face the worst energy price shock in Europe.
Brexit is a factor in why we have the worst water industry pollution in Europe.
Britain’s GDP per head has grown just 3.8 per cent since the referendum, while the EU’s has grown by 8.5 per cent.
It’s time for the British public to tell our new Prime Minister that the solution to this problem is: 
Rejoin the EU! 

The rally in Parliament Square will hear top speakers including Femi Okuwole, Mike Galsworthy, Terry Reintke MEP, Molly Scott Cato, Baroness Sarah Ludford, Steve Bray, Mike Cashman, Sue Wilson, Madeleina Kay and others still to be announced.
This march is for all of us. It’s a chance for us all to make a difference.
The National Rejoin March will be vibrant, family friendly and positive. 
Join us!
Book your place to come on a coach with Oxford For Europe here .
We will be departing from the City Centre, Headington and Sandhills.
Seats are nearly all gone.
If you are unable to get a pace on the coach, the Oxford Tube will also take you to Marble Arch.
Some of our group on a previous march in London

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