Echoes Of Empire?

There is a new ‘consultation’ about ‘bringing back Imperial measures’. Silliness, insanity or weaponised nostalgia? Take your pick. Above all, please respond.

2 thoughts on “Echoes Of Empire?

  1. An utterly stupid distraction – completely pointless and making the UK look even more ridiculous in the eyes of the rest of the world. How is that going to help the cost of living crisis affecting so many millions of people in the UK?

  2. An utter waste of time and money and an unnecessary learning load for children. I am old enough to remember imperial measures displayed on the backs of Silvine exercise books, which implied that people had difficulty remembering them. I remember learning about stones, pounds, and ounces and chains and furlongs at primary school in the 1960s. I don’t think we even touched pecks and bushels, nor drachms, etc.

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